• Site of phosphorous processing-bulking facilities in Gongxing

  • Modern facilities housing Polyphosphate Salt production in Gongxing

  • Building Housing 2×10000 mt Phosphorous Furnaces

Building the Asiaphos Brand

AsiaPhos Logo

Conceived to reflect and encapsulate the company's value proposition and vision to be one of the leading phosphate companies in the region, the AsiaPhos brand identity is composed of two main elements: the logotype and the emblem.

The Logotype

The words 'ASIA' and 'PHOS' are differentiated by their colours, with 'ASIA” being rendered in red to convey regality, prosperity and auspiciousness, and 'PHOS' rendered in earthy bronze to allude to the company's primary business activity of phosphate mining. The red colour also signifies the company's geographical footprint and establishes its Asian provenance.

The two 'A's' found in the word 'ASIA' graphically represent two elevated land formations, further reinforcing the brand identity's synergy with AsiaPhos' core business.

The Emblem

The Emblem

Conceived as a seal or stamp symbolising the company's rootedness in Asia, the emblem serves as a complementary design element to AsiaPhos' modern logotype. It represents heritage, expertise and quality.

Rendered in customised calligraphy, the brushstrokes that characterise the emblem signifies discipline, dedication and a personalised approach to generating long-term value.

These two elements represent the AsiaPhos' traditional virtues and timeless values, as well as its proactive mindset to take the business to new levels of progress as it strides on to a future of new possibilities.