• Typical Phosphorous Bulking facilities

  • Raw material blending facilities

  • Building Housing 2×10000 mt Phosphorous Furnaces

  • Production and Storage facilities

  • View of Polyphosphate Plant

Downstream Operations

Our Group is a resource mining company with downstream processing capabilities. Using phosphate rocks extracted from our Mines, we process them to produce phosphate-based chemical products, including P4, thermal phosphoric acid, SHMP and STPP. Our downstream phosphate-based chemical products are sold to customers in PRC and exported to key markets including Europe, Korea, the Middle East, New Zealand and North America.

Gongxing Facilities

We acquired 2 new sites situated at Gongxing Industrial Zone, Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province, PRC as part of our plans to relocate, rebuild and expand our downstream processing facilities. The construction of our Gongxing Facilities is expected to take place over two (2) scheduled phases.

Phase 1

We have completed construction of two (2) new P4 furnaces, each with a designed capacity of 10,000 tonnes of P4 per annum.

Phase 2

We are in the process of planning for phase 2 of the construction of our Gongxing Facilities which includes construction of a new thermal phosphoric acid plant and a new food-grade SHMP plant.

We are also in the process of considering other additions of facilities to complement our downstream processing facilities and we will make the appropriate announcement once our plans are finalised.